Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday, February 17

I decided to start another blog and update it while I am off work. I am off work because my voice has been gone for 3 months. I had a cold starting, Friday, November 13, 2009 and lost my voice thinking it was laryngitis, but it never came back to my normal voice. I continued to do my 8 hours a day phone job until I my voice disappeared, December 7, 2009. I was off the phones doing projects and my time being extended till December 24 then till January 22, then till February 3, then till February 10, which was my last day of work....Now I am home being the MOM I haven't been in 13 years. My kids love having me home to make them breakfast, lunch and dinner. Drop them off at school and pick them up. I can help them with homework and most of all they like when go to fun places because we have extra time now to get out of the house. All these things were done by their amazing dad.

My first day was great. You ask what I did, "I went to Disneyland with the twins."

My second day off was spent going grocery shopping. Then picking up my dad to go to the twins class for "Friends Day", which is a Valentines party. Mike and I went out and had a nice dinner for an early Valentine's Day.

Then came the weekend, the twins and I spent the day with a good friend and her kids and caught up on our lives..

Then Valentines Day with my hubby was wonderful. I got a new washer and dryer. They are amazing.

Then, Monday, the kids were home from school, Presidents Day. We went to lunch and shopping, fun fun. My son and I first, errands and shopping. The it was the twins turn. We went with some good friends and had a great time.

Then, Tuesday, cleaned the garage and sorted laundry to make room for our new washer and dryer. I went to my son's basketball game which I have not been able to go since I was always working. My washer and dryer were delivered and now I have done 6 loads.

Today, I am going to have lunch with my Childhood friend, who was out of my life for 20 years.

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